Prague workshop – May 2022

Happy researchers visiting the irrigation boxes at the wastewater treatment plant of PVS in Prague. Photo: Vadim Strogonov

The objective of the meeting was to present results from WIDER UPTAKE so far, discuss the case study in Prague, and hold workshops on (1) stakeholder mapping and business models and (2) development of the framework for assessment of water smartness and sustainability.

Day one was hosted by PVS (responsible for administration of the water management property owned by the Capital City of Prague) and began with a meeting between the Norwegian participants and the CEO of PVS, followed by presentations from PVS, SINTEF and Storm Aqua, and consequent discussions in relation to the WIDER UPTAKE project.  

The participants also visited the case study site at the wastewater treatment plant of PVS. They visited the irrigation boxes and toured the novel wastewater treatment line setting premise for water reuse in the plant. 

Day two was hosted by Czech Technical University in Prague together with the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague and was dedicated to workshops in WP4 and WP5. Workshops were carried out in small groups by mixing participants from different organizations. Participants were widely engaged in these workshops, including the group of master students (CTU) that joined the afternoon workshop. 

Outcomes and results  

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