Hamar workshop – April 2022

Sondre Eikås and Anders Øfsti testing the quality of treated water at HIAS. Photo: Herman Helness

The workshop was hosted by Hias at the new water treatment facility, and all the participants got to see the ongoing activity for implementing the Hias process and the new struvite plant.

Further, Hias, Sirkula and Hias How2O presented status for their activities in the project. Sigrid Damman (SINTEF ) presented some results from the governance assessment compiled previously, and the mapping of industrial networks was discussed and updated.

Thereafter, Herman Helness (SINTEF) presented the status for development of the water smartness and sustainability (WS&S) assessment framework. The participants contributed to the development through two exercises using MS Forms to rate the importance of the Sustainable DGs and the proposed OBJECTIVES, CRITERIA and INDICATORS in the WS&S framework.

Day two started with a group exercise on business models, lead by Henrik Brynthe Lund and Sigrid Damman, and continued with a presentation of the status of the work on optimisation of value chains and how this will be related to business models and the framework for assessment of water smartness and sustainability (WS&S framework).

Thereafter, Karen Nessler Seglem (SINTEF)presented the results from the MS Forms exercises from Day-1. The results regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals were discussed.

Finally, to improve the proposed OBJECTIVES, CRITERIA and INDICATORS in the WS&S framework, these were discussed with focus on those that received a low rating in the MS Forms.

Outcomes and results


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