Amsterdam workshop – March 2022

Zoya Zarafshani presents the laboratory facilities of the NPSP. Photo: Herman Helness

The objective of the meeting was to present results from the initial governance assessment and discuss the work on stakeholder mapping and business models (WP4) and development of the framework for assessment of water smartness and sustainability (WP5).

Results from the governance assessment compiled previously by SINTEF in WP4 were presented and discussed, and the mapping of industrial networks was updated.

Day two started with a group exercise using the Triple Layered Business Model Canvas. Thereafter, WP5 presented the status for development of the water smartness and sustainability assessment framework. The participants contributed to the development through two exercises using MS Forms to rate the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals and the proposed OBJECTIVES, CRITERIA and INDICATORS in the WS&S framework.

Outcomes and results


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