Stakeholders meeting – Prague 2021

The University of Chemistry and Technology organized together with the CVUT and Prague water companies PVS a.s. & PVK a.s. the meeting of Czech WIDER UPTAKE investigators with project stakeholders.

By Jiri Wanner, UTC Prague

The meeting was held in administration building of Central WWTP of Prague on Tuesday, 29 June. From Czech stakeholders the representatives of following institutions were present:

The representatives of other stakeholders, i.e., the City of Prague and Water Utility Association of the Czech Republic “SOVAK” visited the demonstration units separately.

The first part of the meeting was devoted to presenting the project goals and discussion of cooperation with stakeholders in meeting the goals. Prof. Wanner from the UCT presented the main project goals, namely:

  1. Demonstrating safe use of treated effluent for irrigation purposes in grey-green solutions for urban development with reasonable water transportation expenses.
  2. Developing and applying monitoring and control schemes to adequately manage the health and quality risks associated with reuse of treated wastewater and recovered resources.
  3. Optimization of the value chains to quantify the improved resource efficiency and economic benefits, also with respect to future applications.
  4. Introduction of new legal categories of “reclaimed water” and “water reuse” into the Czech water law.

Ing. Jakub Kovařík explained to the stakeholders the construction and principles of operation of irrigation boxes and water reclamation unit.

Prof. Pollert from the CVUT then explained the system of online data collection from the irrigation boxes and principles of data processing and storage in central database of Wider Uptake project developed within WP 2.


At the end of the first part of the meeting prof. Wanner summarized the Czech activities in WP 4 and after discussion the present stakeholders approved the table scoring various factors influencing the development in water reuse sector at different context levels. The scores of individual factors resulted for the interviews with the Czech stakeholders done earlier in 2021.

In the second part of the meeting the participants were guided through the Prague case demonstration units which are installed on the premise of Prague Central WWTP at the Cisarsky ostrov.


The participants of this excursion had also the possibility to see water reclamation technology installed in a container located next to the irrigation boxes.


Researchers from the UCT also demonstrated sampling the irrigation water and filtrate from the irrigation boxes.


The next activity of the Prague group in this direction is planned for September 2021 when the demonstration units will be visited by members of Committee on the Environment of Prague city council. In the meantime, several Czech TV stations also visited the demonstration units and prepared information documents on the WIDER UPTAKE project. On Thursday 8 July a team of Czech national public TV, science editorial office, filmed a detailed reportage on the project and water reuse perspectives.


Watch the reportage on the demonstration units broadcasted on the Czech public TV. (Available only in Czech Republic).

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