Presentation of the Governace tool GOCIWA in Italy

On 15 June 2021 the webinar: “Il ruolo della Governance nella depurazione – presentazione dello strumento GOCIWA” successfully took place.

The event was aimed to present the Governace tool GOCIWA (Governace assessment for circula economy based on Water resources) which has been developed within WIDER UPTAKE. The webinar was organized by prof. Giorgio Mannina, Palermo University, and was attended by a number of stakeholders and other participants, directly and indirectly involved in the project, among which:

During the scheduled talks and the round table, the key role played by the Governance has been highlighted for fostering a transition to a circular economy model. A new law on water reuse at Sicilian level has been discussed based also on the results from WIDER UPTAKE . All involved speakers agreed on the need to involve society in WIDER UPTAKE activities in order to break social and economic barriers for getting a wider uptake of water smart solutions.

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