News and events

Prague workshop – May 2022

We met to present results so far and discuss the case study in Prague.

Hamar workshop – April 2022

The workshop was hosted by Hias at the new water treatment facility, and all the participants got to see the ongoing activity for implementing the Hias process and the new struvite plant.

Amsterdam workshop – March 2022

We presented results from the initial governance assessment and discussed stakeholder mapping, business models and assessment of water smartness and sustainability.

Jiří Wanner presented WIDER UPTAKE

The town of Tabor hosted the 24th Czech national conference on “New Trends in Wastewater treatment and Water Supply”.

Reuse of wastewater in urban agriculture – Accra

Despite the increasing urbanisation, there has not been a national discourse on water-smart solutions for the nation nor for urban areas that face perennial water shortages.

Safe and circular use of wastewater for irrigation in Prague

WIDER UPTAKE demonstrates safe use of treated effluent for irrigation in grey-green solutions for urban development with reasonable water transportation expenses.

Stakeholders meeting – Prague 2021

CTU, CVUT and Prague water companies PVS a.s. & PVK a.s. organised the meeting.

Presentation of the Governance tool GOCIWA

On 15 June 2021 the webinar: “Il ruolo della Governance nella depurazione – presentazione dello strumento GOCIWA” successfully took place.

Deputy mayor visited test site in Prague

The test site in Prague demonstrate safe use of treated effluent for irrigation.

Wastewater fertilisers to the aid of farmers

Municipal wastewater treatment plants are now planning to recover more of these valuable resources, which are becoming globally scarce.