Best poster award to Wider Uptake researchers

At the 11th International Water Association conference in Gdansk, researchers from the University of Palermo received an award for their poster on sewage treatment.

Phd Dr. Mofatto collected the award for best poster at the conference in Gdansk.

 The poster Sewage sludge reduction by using an OSA-MBR pilot plant received the ‘best poster’ award at the conference in Gdansk.

The authors, P.M. Bosco Mofatto, A. Cosenza, D. Di Trapani and G. Mannina, are all engaged in Wider Uptake.

The following posters were also presented:

During his oral presentation, Giorgio Mannina provided updates from Wider Uptake, focusing on the water resource recovery demonstration case study at Palermo University. The focus of the presentation was recent findings of water reuse experimental activities related to membrane operation, including reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for climate change mitigation.

– Participants showed very high interest with questions and engagement, says Mannina.

Overall it was a very successful event and an occasion for engaging people on the topics addressed in Wider Uptake.

Antonio Mineo presented the poster Polyhydroxyalkanoates production from waste water: optimizing the enrichment, accumulation and extraction steps
Giorgio Mannina presents results from Wider Uptake


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