Safe and circular use of wastewater for irrigation in Prague

WIDER UPTAKE demonstrates safe use of treated effluent for irrigation in grey-green solutions for urban development with reasonable water transportation expenses.

Stakeholders meeting – Prague 2021

CTU, CVUT and Prague water companies PVS a.s. & PVK a.s. organised the meeting.

Presentation of the Governance tool GOCIWA

On 15 June 2021 the webinar: “Il ruolo della Governance nella depurazione – presentazione dello strumento GOCIWA” successfully took place.

Deputy mayor visited test site in Prague

The test site in Prague demonstrate safe use of treated effluent for irrigation.

Wastewater fertilisers to the aid of farmers

Municipal wastewater treatment plants are now planning to recover more of these valuable resources, which are becoming globally scarce.

We must reuse the resources in our wastewater

We must reuse the resources in our wastewater Resources from wastewater must be better utilized to ensure access to clean water, enough food and good living conditions for all. Researchers in five countries are about to demonstrate circular economic models for how wastewater resources can be utilised in a water-smart society. Despite an increasing focus […]

Installation of biochar production line at SSGL – Accra

Installation of biochar production line at SSGL – Accra The Mudor Treatment Plant treats wastewater from Accra, the capital of Ghana, and has a capacity of 18 000 m3/day. Biochar is a resource produced from treated sludge, and can be used as a substitute for wood fuel used in the kilns of textile and chemical […]

New shed for PHA production in Marineo

The shed for PHA production at Marineos Wastewater Treatment Plant has been completed.

Launch day in Palermo 2020

The Launch Day discussion focused on the WIDER UPTAKE project presentation with the aim to highlight the synergistic actions as well to engage stakeholders involved in the project towards the need of upgrading the existing wastewater treatment plants.

On site inspection Sicily 25.06.2020

On site inspection at Corleone and Marineo wastewater treatment plants managed by AMAP Spa (Project partner) was performed by the University of Palermo (project partner) in view of collecting usefull data for implementing demonstrations. A fruitfull meeting with local administrators (project stakeholders), was performed; we shared a lot of information about the future activities and the […]